Landscape at Dawn and Dusk

Landscape at Dawn and Dusk
Flanerie Barcelona: Pathways at Dawn and Dusk © Maryhelen Jones-Raciti

Thursday, January 24, 2019

No More Numbered Walks -- Just "Now" Content and HBR's CEO's

It's been a long time since I published on this blog. Ironic how "long time" is subjective to us all.

As I walk again, I am more interested in the "Now" which author, Richard A. Muller has aptly described in his 2016 book, NOW: the Physics of Time. 

So as Now begins the New Year, it's important to recap that at the end of the previous year, The Harvard Business Review  (HBR) published it's annual list of the world's top CEO's, i.e. "The Best Performing CEO's in the World."

So what's HBR's approach to its calculated rankings? It's primarily based  on financial returns over a CEO's entire tenure with the company and how the company itself rates on what HBR calls "ESG" issues -- Environmental, Social and Governance.

Important to the international luxury watch industry is that in the Top Five are two well known CEO's:

At #3 -- Bernard Arnault who started in 1989 with the ever expanding and fascinating LVMH where he had been at the helm for 29 years. Bulgari, Chamet, Dior, Hublot, TAG Heur and Zenith.

At #4 -- François-Henri Pinault who started in 2005 with Kering,  Kering can be said to be LVMH's acquisition's arch rival conglomerate. As CEO,  Pinault has stayed the course for 13 years. Boucheron, Girard-Perregaux, Gucci, JeanRichard, and Ulysse Nardin are in Kering's luxury watch industry sector.

As 2019 gets underway, it will be fascinating to see how these two CEO's manage their conglomerates and build the Now factor into their long term growth strategies.